THE Diocese of Malaga has made some recommendations about how churches should deal with the coronavirus.

The Diocese has asked priests to empty out the basins of holy water from the churches and to make sure that the eucharist is only distributed in the hand, not the mouth.

In addition, during the giving of peace when worshippers are meant to shake hands with one another, the Diocese has advised against this form of physical contact.

These recommendations have been made public after the Ministry of Health recommended steps to avoid the spread of covid-19.

Malaga is one of the Ministry’s areas of extreme vigilance, along with the Basque Country and and Torrejon de Ardoz in Madrid.

Malaga is being observed closely because the first person to contract the disease in Spain, did so in Marbella, when he came into contact with a couple from Shanghai at a party.

This watchful eye however is also because of the vast numbers of tourists passing each day through the Costa del Sol, making it harder to keep track of who may have the disease.

At the moment, all the people who have caught the virus in the province of Malaga are stable and in self quarantine at home, except for the man mentioned above who is still at the Hospital Virgen del Rocío de Sevilla.

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