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When you visit an online store, a discount is always a good option. There are many kinds of offers available on the network that you can access depending on what you are looking for and what the store offers to the public. The most used modalities in store discounts and promotions include:

  • Free Shipping
  • Discount in percentages
  • Subscription offers
  • Promotions on social networks
  • Gifts and incentives by quantity
  • Discount codes

Free shipping

It makes no sense to invest in an economical item when the shipping cost is excessive. Many stores ship the merchandise at no additional cost, being one of the best ways in which online sales companies attract customers. An advantage of free shipping is that stores usually allow you to combine it with other promotions.

Discount in percentages

You have surely noticed that many websites offer discounts on their merchandise in percentages. The higher the percentage that the store reduces the final cost of the product, the expense will be lower, but the disadvantage is that many more people will be attracted to the offer and you will have fewer opportunities to purchase the item before it runs out.

Subscription Offers

If you register as a user of a shopping portal or an online store, they are likely to offer you offers or promotions after you register. Other incentives related to your subscription include discounts if you invite others to register, as well as notifications sent to your email when new promotions arise.

Discount codes

Discount or promotional codes are nothing more than electronic codes that give you access to different discount alternatives. In other words, they are codes available for a limited time that allow you to access certain offers if you enter them when you buy items.

A particularity of these codes is that they include the types of offers that we explained above and are available for different stores, such is the case of Promocodius Spain, where you can find offers by percentage, 2×1 promotions, discounts to new users and other benefits for different stores

You can access a variety of promotional codes and offers, however, these expire in a short time. If you need to buy and you can’t find an effective method to reduce that expense, you can take créditos personales. Many companies offer préstamos en línea rápidos just by registering and providing your personal information, Vivus, for example, is a company that grants this type of credit with interest and in a payment period agreed between the user and the lender site, so, Not only can you get offers online but you can also enjoy instant credits to lighten your expenses.

Promotions on social networks

As you know, stores seek to increase their sales and this is achieved when more people purchase their items. Social networks are one of the most used methods for rewarding users and attracting potential buyers, you simply have to share a specific publication and follow the instructions established by the store.

Gifts and incentives by quantity

Another modality that you can find is to give an item for purchases or reward user loyalty. The popular 2×1 and 3×2, are the two best examples of this case. Many sites also reward their customers with gifts if they make purchases that exceed a certain number, so you should not miss these offers.

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