A US tourist has tested positive for COVID-19 in Ronda.

The alarm was triggered last Friday when local health services were alerted to their first possible case of coronavirus.

The 70-year-old North American was transferred directly to the Hospital de la Serranía where he tested positive.

The man is currently in isolation in the Internal Medicine area of the hospital, where health personnel are supplied with isolation material (gowns, gloves and masks).

Part of the medical team treating the patient are also in quarantine in the Preventive Medicine area in order to prevent further contagion.

Nurse With Face Mask
ISOLATED: Part of the medical team treating the patient are also in quarantine

As The Olive Press understands, since Friday, the condition of the America tourist has not worsened.

According to health sources, the 70-year-old man, in the company of his wife and fellow compatriots, had been sightseeing Ronda’s city centre when he began to feel ill.

On observing the deterioration of the man’s health, fellow members of the group entered a tourist establishment to ask for medical assistance.

The health services were notified and swiftly arrived at the establishment.

The American tourist, who also suffers from pneumonia, tested positive for coronavirus and was isolated following the protocol established by the Ministry of Health for this type of coronavirus infection.

Coronavirus 1
STATS: The coronavirus now affects more than a hundred countries

The wife of the America tourist has also been isolated and is under medical supervision. So far the wife has tested negative to the virus.

The coronavirus now affects more than a hundred countries. With 110,293 cases worldwide and a death toll of 3,831.

In Spain, the Ministry of Transport is studying whether to apply extraordinary measures related to passenger transport to contain the spread of the coronavirus virus and the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, is chairing the Commission for the Monitoring of the epidemic that has so far left 17 dead and 500 infected in Spain.

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