FIGURES released this morning, March 16, from the Murcia Health Authority, confirm the first full recovery from the Covid-19 virus in the region.

In what is considered a small but very important positive move in the right direction, towards the country’s recovery from the killer virus.

Of the 98 cases in Murcia, as of today, 22 are in hospital receiving care.

Four of the victims are known to be hospital staff.

The remaining 76 have ‘mild symptoms’ and are being treated at home.

Reported cases are still on the rise, with 20 more reported over the weekend.

A special helpline has been set up for information about the virus, 900 121212.

For those that think they have Coronavirus, they are urged to call 112 instead of attending their nearest medical center or hospital.

Medical staff will then be sent to your home to test you.

Additionally, authorities are asking that visits to see family or friends that are already in hospital, are limited to only one person per patient.

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