TWO people in Extremadura who are posing as priests have tried to scam elderly people, using coronavirus as the excuse.

The archdiocese of Merida-Badajoz has warned that two men are posing as priests to offer communion in people’s homes.

According to the ecclesiastical entity, the ‘fake priests’ called houses and offered ‘pastoral help’ to elderly people who were invited to receive holy communion or to partake in confession.

Francisco Maya, a bishop of the archdiocese said: “Some older people noticed and called the police, who alerted us.”

He added that the problem had been solved and that he had never seen anything similar.

The archdiocese has reminded its faithful that its priests are available to serve those who request it, but they need to specify the time and place previously.

The Policia Nacional and the Policia Local in Badajoz have not been made aware of such a scam.

More information is not yet known about these two scammers.

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