A MAN has been freed by police from a Sevilla home after being beaten and held against his will for four days. 

Four men aged 56, 42, 34 and 32, were arrested for their involvement in the kidnapping after three of them were chased to a property following a violent robbery they had carried out. 

At around 00:30 hours on Wednesday, Policia Local received a report from a 53-year old woman who had been robbed of her purse, she described the perpetrators and advised that she knew them from the Poligono Norte area. 

With this information police were able to locate the three suspects who fled, before they entered a building and locked the door. 

The suspects eventually opened the door after police surrounded the building, where the three plus one other were arrested. 

During the arrests, police could hear someone shouting for help.  

Following the sound, the police found a man handcuffed and lying on the ground with a hood over his head. 

The 42-year-old man had bruising apparently caused by the four detainees. 

Once released, he told police he had been held for four or five days for a drug debt where he was assaulted by at least three of the men and had eaten scraps of food off the floor. 

Property, presumably stolen was also found in the property including five bicycles and two electric scooters, a bag containing possible drugs along with a handwritten list reflecting amounts of money and drugs. 

The released man was taken to the hospital for treatment. 

The men in custody with 88 previous arrests between them, were taken to the police station for processing. 

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