A MAN has been arrested by the Guardia Civil for a series of crimes after failing to stop at a police checkpoint in Mallorca.

The 27-year-old Spaniard had been flagged down by officers manning a roadblock in Alcudia yesterday.

Ignoring the request, the man drove away at high speed.

A dramatic police chase then pursued for several miles through the municipality until the suspect lost control of his car and crashed head on into a lamppost.

As Guardia Civil agents approached the vehicle to check if the man had been injured by the impact, the suspect proceeded to attack an officer.

They attempted to restrain him in handcuffs, but the man resisted arrest and fled on foot.

He was later found hiding out in the surrounding area.

Investigators say the man not only had no justification to be driving during the lockdown, but did not have a valid driving license or vehicle insurance.

He has subsequently been charged with civil disobedience, assault, resisting arrest and a crime against road safety.

It is understood that he will also be handed a hefty fine as per the state of emergency decree to halt the spread of coronavirus.

The arrest comes after more than 100 checkpoints were mounted across the island this weekend in a bid to clamp down on those flouting the lockdown rules.

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