A 98-YEAR-old man has received an emotional applause from hospital staff after beating the coronavirus.

Antonio Magdaleno Martinez is now one of the oldest patients in Spain to have overcome the virus.

The Granada man was admitted to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Sevilla 14 days ago. This Monday he was discharged, cured of Covid-19.

According to El Mundo, Antonio was received like a hero on his return to the care home, Fundomar Senior Centre in Sevilla, where he has lived for the last two years.

Antonio will now have to remain isolated for the next few days following the health and safety protocol.

Of the 167 elderly who reside at the centre, there are still half a dozen hospitalised for coronavirus.

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In addition, between 68 and 69% of the residents in this care home are infected with coronavirus, according to recent testing.

Initially, those who had tested positive were to be transferred to a hospital for treatment, however given the high percentage of infected residents, it has been decided that they will be treated at the care home by specialised personnel and with the necessary equipment.

It will be the first nursing home in Andalucia to be attended by specialised doctors and treated on-site for coronavirus.

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