The 16 members of the troop, plus three children of the Berlin Circus are stuck on the Costa del Sol without any money, having seen their events cancelled last month.

Since the lockdown the group have received three food parcels from Malaga’s Municipal Food Bank at their temporary base in Velez Malaga.

However they need much more and have taken to social media for help.

“We have been travelling the Andalucian area for years and are very fond of the Malaga coast.

“We want to particularly thank the people of the Axarquia area for their help.”

So far they have received 42kg of spaghetti, 42kg of rice, 60 cans of tomatoes, 24 bottles of oil, 50l of milk and 36kg of vegetables.

“We would like to appeal to Malaga, Axarquia and Valez-Málaga, thanking them for all the help they can send us in the form of food. 

“We do not want money, simply some food with which we can maintain ourselves if this situation lengthens, while we cannot resume our tour and continue doing what we know and like best – spreading smiles and taking the magic of the circus around the region.”


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