A 66-YEAR-OLD woman has stabbed her 68-year-old husband to death and then taken her own life at their home in Madrid.

The woman had apparently asked the city council for help with separating from her husband who reportedly abused her.

However, yesterday afternoon the woman killed her husband and then jumped to her death from their third floor flat.

Police officers found her body around 15:45 on the street.

They then proceeded to enter the apartment where they found her husband with three stab wounds in his abdomen and his chest.

The man was transferred to the hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after.

The Policia Nacional’s main hypothesis is that the woman threw herself out of the balcony after murdering her husband.

According to El Mundo, the neighbours claim the woman had suicidal tendencies and that this was not the first time she tried to kill herself.

Some residents in the block say the couple would constantly argue, whereas others claim they never heard anything.

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