A POLICIA Nacional probe has been launched following an arson attack in Palma de Mallorca.

A Spaniard has been accused of setting fire to his car after attempting to force entry inside his ex-wife’s home during the coronavirus lockdown.

Investigators say the man, who has a restraining order against him, had demanded that his former partner let him inside the property.

Neighbours called police after he repeatedly shouted, ‘it is my house, I don’t care about the restraining order’ while banging and kicking the front door.

mallorca arson
DESTROYED: Firefighters battling the blaze

As officers arrived at the scene, the woman had confessed that over the last few days, her ex-husband had been intimidating her by camping out in their garden.

Asked why she failed to call the police, the woman said she was ‘very scared of the repercussions’ as her ex-partner was known to be extremely violent.

While they were taking a statement from the mother and her daughter, the ex-husband sent a video of a burning car to their mobile phones.

At the same time, the emergency services also received a call to report that a vehicle had been set on fire in a nearby street.

mallorca arson
EXTINGUISHED: Bombers de Palma at the scene of the fire.

Putting the two incidents together, a patrol was dispatched to locate the man, who was found wandering nearby.

Officers said the suspect’s hands were badly burnt and upon questioning, he admitted to being responsible for the fire, but that it was accidental.

Due to the nature of his injuries, the man is receiving treatment at Son Espases Hospital under police guard.

It is understood that when he recovers, he will be transferred to the Policia Nacional Headquarters in Palma where he will charged with arson and gender-violence.

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