AFTER four days of decline, the death toll and infection rate of COVID-19 have seen a slight increase. 

New figures today revealed 743 new recorded deaths, up from the 637 registered yesterday.

It brings the total number of COVID-19 deaths in Spain to 13,798.

Meanwhile, the number of new infections also rose between Monday and Tuesday, with 5,478 new cases.

That’s quite significantly higher than the 4,273 new infections announced on Monday.

It means the total number of coronavirus cases in Spain is now 140,510.

But these increases are following a pattern in this crisis that has consistently seen a large jump in the numbers every Tuesday.

There tends to be a lag in reporting deaths and new cases which occurred at the weekends from hospitals across the country.

Many of these are confirmed or registered on Tuesday, causing a spike in the numbers.

If Spain is flattening the curve, it can expect to see the numbers drop yet again tomorrow.


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