THE police have detained a man in the Basque Country for breaking the lockdown rules in order to go buy drugs.

The Policia Local in Vitoria arrested a 25-year-old on Saturday night when he was entering a taxi.

The police recognised the man, as he had already broken lockdown rules before.

He claimed he was on his way to a friend’s house to spend the night.

The officers didn’t believe him so they searched him and discovered five and a half grams of methamphetamine, in addition to €300 cash.

When the agents called the alleged friend’s number, they discovered that he was in fact a 34-year-old drug dealer, who admitted he had supplied the drugs earlier that night.

The police then proceeded to detain both men. 

The buyer has been brought to justice for repeatedly breaking lockdown rules, whereas the seller has been set free, despite selling drugs.

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