A YOUNG mother has been arrested alongside her partner after police discovered drugs inside a company car being used to deliver medical supplies to hospitals across Mallorca.

The vehicle had been pulled over by Policia Nacional agents after they spotted two people and a baby travelling inside, a move strictly prohibited as per the state of alarm decree.

As officers approached the car, a strong smell of marijuana was detected and the family were ordered to vacate the car.

The mother assured police that she was delivering supplies to medical centres and that her husband was helping her.

She claimed that she had taken her baby with her as did not want to leave the child alone at home.

However, upon a search of the vehicle, a box was found with 12 wraps of marijuana inside prepared for sale.

SEIZED: 12 wraps of marijuana were found inside the car

An identity check of the husband revealed that he had an extensive criminal history and was linked to a known drug dealing clan operating in Palma.

A warrant was subsequently issued to search the couple’s home in Consell.

Footage shows officers seizing more than 500 marijuana plants during the raid, in addition to large quantities of cash and equipment to cultivate the drugs.

The mother can also be seen being hauled away in handcuffs to the police station.

The couple have been charged with child endangerment and a crime against public health.

Investigators say that since the lockdown has been enforced, individuals have been using more inventive ways to hide their criminal activities.

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