EASTER weekend and not only did the Easter Bunny find us, the tooth fariy did too, or as they say here in Spain, Ratoncito Perez…

Despite lockdown, police checks and the old lady across the road who has better surveillance on the neighbours than the FBI and CIA combined, the mouse, fairy and bunny made it to my house…

Easter Sunday treats

Easter Sunday is a miraculous day for many and often it’s the little things that keep the magic alive.

A simple letter to the tooth fairy reveals the power of innocence and love.

A simple hug becomes a priority.

Dear Tooth Fairy. I hope you are well. Please, can you help everyone get better soon. So I can go and give my Nana a hug. I miss her.”

A simple letter to the tooth fairy reveals the power of innocence and love

My little daughter isn’t the only one who misses Nana, I need one of her hugs too. I wouldn’t say no to one of her Sunday roasts either, despite eating around the clock and perhaps a fruit salad would do me more good.

I did struggle to try to explain to my little ones that the money left by the tooth fairy and the collection of easter eggs left around the house were OK to touch and eat.

My argument that they would have been cleaned properly and were coronavirus-free was met with raised eyebrows.

But by midmorning the chocolate eggs were devoured regardless, except one, which despite my efforts to rescue it from getting sanitised under the kitchen sink, was just a melted mess by the time I realised what the hot water was for.

Mamma trying to catch some magical bubbles with her flask

And there is nothing like blowing bubbles to add enchantment to an already magical day.

I even tried catching some in my flask, not that I would admit to it of course…

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