FARMERS in Axarquia have been given welcome relief after recent heavy rainfall in the area has allowed current irrigation restrictions to be lifted.

Limits on the amount of water that could be taken from the La Vinuela reservoir were imposed at the beginning of the hydrological year in last October after the reservoir reached critical drought levels.

In December 2019, the reservoir reached just 55.6 cubic hectometres, below 30% of the lakes capacity.

This led to the Guaro Plan being implemented, a legislation that meant any farmers within certain areas would see their water allowances cut by 25% to preserve the levels in the lake.

The reservoir in La Vinuela also feeds much of the Costa del Sol for its drinking water as well as agricultural supplies.

With the lack of tourism during the Easter period and many bars and restaurants closed since March, water levels have been allowed to rise steadily.

Accompanied with recent rainfall during April, this has raised the water level to 65.3 cubic hectometres and out of the danger zone for now.

This has allowed the Ministry of Agriculture to lift restrictions placed on the region’s farmers meaning that the region’s valuable crops such as avocados will get much-needed irrigation before the dry season.

A meeting is scheduled to take place next Tuesday with the Management Committee of Malaga to officially lift the restrictions.

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