VALENCIA’S regional president has asked that the legacy of the coronavirus pandemic not be the alienation of the elderly.

Ximo Puig stressed that he did not want the pandemic to leave an era of ageism in its wake.

Ximo Puig

“It is hard enough that many older people have died,” he stated, “we can’t allow discrimination towards them.

“Life is inter-generational, and for Valencians, older people are a fundamental segment of this society.”

The President of the Generalitat made the comments after the video-conference meeting held with a number of scientists, health experts and crisis planners.

In closing, Puig highlighted the need to fight against ‘social fracture between social classes, or between segments of the population.’

Referring to the partial lift in lock-down rules, he also said: “Just because we are out on the streets now at different times because of age differences, does not mean that we have to have age barriers, quite the contrary.”

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