A COSTA del Sol barber shop has been denounced because it had too many customers in its tiny premises.

Eight people were crammed into a space of 66 square metres when Policia Local officers turned up at the Malaga shop at 7pm yesterday.

Inside, a plainclothes police patrol identified three hairdressers, four customers being seen to and another person waiting.

Agents became suspicious when they spotted a separate four customers queuing in the street outside the shop in the Los Tilos area.


Officers entered the establishment and warned the staff that the business would be denounced for breaking the restrictions of ‘Phase 0’.

Clients were being seen ‘without appointments’ and the shop was at ‘100% capacity’, according to Diario Sur.

The three Moroccan workers aged 22-26 were interviewed by the Policia Local while the manager, 54, agreed to shut up shop.

It was later found that the staff were working without residencia or contracts.

It was also reported that the manager of the business admitted that he was aware of the unstable conditions of his workers.

The foreign national wing of the Policia Nacional has now launched a probe into an alleged crime against worker’s rights.

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