A DUTCH company has started planning for a high speed train that would connect Amsterdam and Barcelona in only 90 minutes.

Hardt – the company in charge of this operation – has published a new report on the environmental and economic benefits of the Hyperloop, an ultra-fast train of the future.

The Dutch capital would be the European hub of this new model, that could start as early as in eight years time.

This new project could offer vast ecological benefits, as the decrease in travel time would reduce the number of people who choose planes over trains.

Stefan Marges, Project Manager at Hardt said: “This is why the Hyperloop would be perfect for international travel, quick and green.”

The company’s goal is to move more than 200,000 passengers per hour through this Hyperloop network.

This would cover a territory of 10,000 kilometres, with speeds reaching as fast as 965 kilometres per hour.

The world record train speed today stands at 603 kilometres per hour, with the bullet trains in Japan.

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