A TWISTED drug dealer has been arrested after faking the circumstances of her mother’s death in a bid to protect her illicit business. 

The 41-year-old woman and her partner, 45, had called the 112 emergency number yesterday, claiming the 63-year-old mother had become very ill during a walk in Granada and needed urgent help.

But when paramedics arrived, the woman, who was in a wheelchair in the street, was already dead.

But the medical team quickly realised she had been dead for much longer than her daughter had claimed.

Weed Granada
BUDDY ‘ELL: Marijuana buds hang from the ceiling in the house in Granada (CREDIT: Policia Nacional)

The couple had been slow to collaborate and tried to stop medics lowering the mother onto the floor when they wanted to perform CPR.

Upon trying to save her life, the leading doctor on site knew something was amiss and called in the Policia Nacional.

Police searched the home and found two rooms dedicated to marijuana production, with 142 buds hanging from the ceiling in the process of drying.

The house in northern Granada had ‘all the material and infrastructure necessary for large-scale cultivation,’ police said in a statement.

The area in inland Andalucia is awash with houses dedicated to growing the drug.

The body of the mother has been transferred to Granada for an autopsy but police don’t suspect foul play.

The daughter and son-in-law were detained before being released on charges of a crime against public health and defrauding electricity, since they had hooked up the house illegally to the supply network.

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