THE province of Malaga has registered no new coronavirus related deaths for the second consecutive day.

That means that the figure of fatalities in the province due to COVID-19 stays at 271.

More good news is the fact that only one person in the last 24 hours has had to be hospitalised due to the virus.

That brings the total number of people hospitalised to 71, of which only 14 are in the ICU. 

Similarly, the number of new infections in Malaga registered another low, at only 11, whereas last Wednesday that number was 103.

That brings the total number of infected to 3,790 and represents 24% of the figures in Andalucia.

When the pandemic started however, Malaga alone accounted for 70% of cases in the region.

Five people since yesterday have also recovered from the virus, bringing the total to 1,960, representing 52% of those that contracted it.

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