A POPULAR pub near Costa Blanca’s La Finca golf course had to ban a British woman on the very first day of ‘Phase 1’ on Monday for flouting social distancing rules.

Hundreds of bars and restaurants around the Costa Blanca opened on May 11, with severe restrictions on seating, cleaning and service.

Chandalier 2
POLICE CALLED: Chandelier Sports & Entertainment Bar

However one woman decided to make up her own rules and made a scene in front of shocked customers enjoying a safe celebratory drink.

Gareth Pittaway
“NO SECOND CHANCES”: Gareth Pittaway

The Chandelier Sports & Entertainment Bar had only been open a few hours when the woman came in and started ‘demanding hugs and kisses’ off customers, and seemingly ‘breaking every social distancing guideline there is.’

Owner Gareth Pittaway has since appealed to the public for common sense.

“It’s difficult when people get so drunk they can’t look after themselves,” he told the Olive Press.

“If you can’t abide by the rules, then don’t go out, because you’ll kill more people and push us all back to Phase 0.”

Pittaway added that the woman wasn’t a regular but is known in the area.

“She was still arguing with staff as the police arrived,” he added

“We have no concerns about banning people, and telling other bars on La Finca about what we’ve done so they can be prepared – there will be no second chances.”

Understandably, there was indignation on social media from fellow expats.

Karen Reeves of Rojales said: “Whilst it was nice to see everyone having a good time, it was alarming to see someone breaking the rules and trying to hug people.”

Others said the woman’s behaviour has discouraged them from wanting to go back outside.

“This is exactly why I’m not going out, I could see this happening,” said Val Jones of Algorfa.

Vanessa Willingham, in Torrevieja, added: “It’s an absolute disgrace.”

Since the episode, the unnamed customer has contacted the bar to apologise, but remains banned.

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