THE cost of living in Spain has dropped by 0.7% in April but the cost of up to 50 foods has risen.

This drop in cost has been primarily due to a lower cost of energy supplies such as electricity or fuels, while food prices have risen.

For example, fresh fish rose by 2.7% in April and now costs 10.5% more than it did at the same time last year.

Something similar has happened to fruit, rising by 1.6% last month, becoming the most expensive food product, 12.8% higher than last year.

The increase in the price of fruit has even exceeded that of jewelry products, which in the last 12 months have registered an increase of 12.2%.

Other non-fresh food products have also risen significantly in price during the last month.

Pizzas and quiche rose by 3.6%, seafood by 3.5%, potatoes by 2.6%, pasta by 2.5% and beer by 2.1%.

In the case of electricity, the average household bill is around 20% lower than in April 2019.

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