A SWEDISH man has been arrested on the Costa del Sol following a high-speed police chase through a town centre.

The 21-year-old was cuffed after he ran several red lights in Fuengirola on Monday, it has been revealed.

The Scandinavian boy racer was bombing along a ‘well-known’ street when a police patrol spotted him failing to stop.

A chase then ensued, with Policia Nacional officers using their lights and sirens in a bid to get him to pull over.

But the youth ran three more red lights, as he floored it through Fuengirola, where many people were out enjoying a drink on the town’s first day in ‘Phase 1’.

The young motorist was ‘creating a serious danger for the drivers who were travelling in the area at the time, as well as for pedestrians,’ a police statement said.

Eventually the pursuit ended when the man pulled into a ‘busy pedestrian street’, which was effectively a dead end.

‘Busy’ terraces, where many revellers were enjoying their first drink out for nine weeks, cut off the man’s route down the road.

Police then approached the vehicle to identify the driver and his passenger, before swiftly arresting the Swede.

He was held over two alleged crimes, one ‘against road safety’ and the other of ‘serious disobedience’.

The man tested negative in a blood alcohol test back at the local police station.

He was then hauled to police headquarters where an investigation was launched.

The Investigating Court number 3 of Fuengirola is handling the proceedings.

Monday, the first day of the Costa del Sol entering Phase 1 of the COVID-19 deescalation plan, also witnessed another shocking incident in nearby Mijas.

Six Brits were arrested in the expat hotspot after a ‘drug-fuelled bar brawl’ ended in a brutal stabbing.

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