POLICE in Cordoba are on the hunt for a serial flasher after several reports of incidents of exposure and harassment surfaced online.

So far only one official complaint has been filed according to the Policia Nacional de Cordoba, but once the description of the attack became public, several other victims spoke out online to describe similar events.

According to the report, the police are on the hunt for a ‘young, dark-haired and chubby-faced’ man who has been following young women in the regions’s capital and exposing his private parts.

The official claim relates to a case on Monday, where a young woman was followed by the suspect until she managed to get into her car.

As she frantically attempted to drive away, the man began shouting at the car before dropping his trousers and wiping his member along the glass.

Many other reports gathered by local media find similar stories from several other victims, where the man would ask intimidating questions towards the victim before exposing himself and masturbating.

Victims described the man of having a young, shaven appearance, roughly 5ft 2″ tall and with short dark hair.

Another statement describes how the alleged attacker followed a woman to the front door of her apartment and as she was finding the key to enter the property, he ‘got his whistle out’ and began waving it at her, making lewd comments.

Police in the capital are currently gathering all information in order to identify the perpetrator and make an arrest.

They are also urging anyone in the area who has witnessed anything or been a victim of the man to come forward and contact the Policia Nacional in Cordoba.

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