EUROPE’S first licence to manufacture medical cannabis extracts has been granted to a Spanish research institute based in Alicante.

The Medalchemy research lab, housed in the University of Alicante, secured approval last month from Spanish health authorities to cultivate delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (‘THC’) for commercial purposes.

A medical cannabis oil is already being shipped around Europe to treat diagnoses of pain, nausea, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and more, according to a company statement.

The London-based EMMAC Life Sciences Group said that – via their ‘certified manufacturing site in Alicante’ – they are the ‘first’ to manufacture the drug medically in Europe.

Cannabis Medicinal 2
A view inside the Medalchemy medical cannabis lab in Alicante

“Medalchemy will commence the immediate production and distribution of a number of medical cannabis products across multiple jurisdictions in Europe and beyond as well as supplying white-label medical cannabis products,” the statement read.

“This landmark announcement supports EMMAC’s business-to-business operations, expands its medical and wellness operations, and confirms its position as Europe’s leading vertically integrated cannabis company, with full control of the supply chain.”

CEO of EMMAC, Anotnio Constanzo, added the months-old company wll ‘now focus’ on increasing production of medical cannabis to meet growing demand.

The Medalchemy lab is based in Alicante’s Parque Cientifico. 

Despite being home to Europe’s first legal manufacturer of medical cannabis extracts as ‘active pharmaceutical ingredients’, Spain does not actually have national regulation for cannabis as a medical product.

Medalchemy Centro 2 1

It comes as EMMAC are also using its new pharmaceutical product as part of a clinical trial involving COVID-19 patients.

A company statement said the new certification has allowed for the trial taking place at the University of Valencia.

It details how a ‘T12’ molecule in cannabis oil could help COVID-19-related lung problems that cause poor oxygenation of the blood.


  1. Excellent! The next logical move is to go to full decriminalisation of recreational use. Empty the prisons of blameless inmates and remove the stigma of criminality from those who have done nothing worse than get stoned.
    Oh and make a few bob in tax while we’re at it!

    Location : malaga
  2. Excellent comment.
    Only way to do it…with a lot of side benefits.
    What could possibly stand in the way for that?
    EU – Bribes – Etc.
    Sad stuff – Spain needs money.
    We need freedom of choice.

    Location : torrox

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