A 58-year-old British woman has been arrested by Guardia Civil in Jacarilla, near Orihuela, for filing a bogus report that money was stolen from her credit card.

The tables were turned, however, after she claimed that two illegal withdrawals totalling €140 had been made from her account.

It didn’t take long though for Guardia agents to uncover she had actually withdrawn the money herself from the ATM at Vistabella.

She was detained and charged with fraud and for reporting a crime that did not happen.   


  1. She’s probably just reaching that age where her memory is beginning to get bad, it might be an idea that she receives professional help. It could also be a sign that she is regressing, reliving past trauma’s, she may have been robbed before and can’t remember using the card, I mean €140 isn’t a considerable amount of money to be claiming was stolen… The only other explanations would be that she’s a drug addict or a victim of identity theft, a lookalike withdrew the money, I mean that’s what criminal organisations do.

    Location : UK

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