A MOTHER has killed her own daughter after setting fire to the mattress she was sleeping on in order to ‘wake her up’.

The tragedy unfolded in a second floor apartment on Calle Martires in San Javier.

Neighbours called the emergency services when they saw smoke pouring out of the flat.

Firefighters burst through the front door and rescued an unconscious and badly burned young woman, named Sandra.

The intensity of her burns were so bad that she was not taken to the local Los Arcos hospital, but was rushed some 45 kilometres to the Virgen de Arrixaca facility in Murcia, which has a specialist burns unit.

She died the following day, while her mother was treated for minor smoke inhalation.

Questioned by the police, she confessed to starting the blaze in order ‘to wake her daughter up’.

After being examined at Los Arcos hospital, the mother discharged herself, but Guardia Civil stopped her leaving.

A court order saw her taken to a psychiatric facility for an appraisal, ahead of any charges being made against her.

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