SPAIN’S Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has asked for responsibility and caution from the citizens, as Phase Three and the pending ‘new normal’ is sought as soon as possible.

While announcing the sixth and final extension to Spain’s State of Alarm, Sánchez continued the thoughts expressed by his colleagues, the previous day.

“One bad action can put at risk all that has been achieved so far,” admitted Salvador Illa, Minister of Health of Spain

Alarmingly, there have been recent spikes of reported cases in certain areas. 

“In certain provinces, small groupings of cases have been detected and are being investigated and properly controlled,” said Fernando Simón, Spain’s leading epidemiologist and Director of the Coordination Centre for Health Alerts and Emergencies at the Ministry of Health.

Outbreaks have been detected in: –

  • Badajoz (Portuguese border): 18 people isolated after they all attended a birthday party.
  • Seville (Córdoba) – Five Sevillians that held a private house party with Prince Joaquín of Belgium in May are now in quarantine, with police investigating.
  • Lleida (Catalonia) – A temporary worker tested positive meaning up to 50 others may now be active.
  • Lleida (Catalonia): 187 new cases in two weeks with eight in intensive care, all traced to a birthday party. This area remains at Phase One, instead of moving on to Phase Two.
  • Ceuta (Moroccan border) – A fresh outbreak originating from a birthday party with 22 active cases. This has meant the area has gone from Phase Two of de-escalation back to Phase 0.
  • Tenerife: Nine family members tested positive after another party. Up to 30 more may have the virus.
  • Gijón (Northern coast) – Gijón El Carmen Nursing Home reported 15 residents and four staff have the virus.
  • Reus (Catalonia) – Monterols Health Center, 19 cases all now in quarantine.
  • Totana (Murcia): A new spike with six farmers testing positive means 45 residents of the town are now quarantined.
  • Leganés (Madrid) – A rise of 59 cases had 54 from the Huerta de los Frailes area.

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