THE number of coronavirus related deaths in Spain has not been updated for the twelfth consecutive day.

Since June 7, the Health Ministry has kept the number of fatalities nationwide at 27,136, but is due to update them at the end of the week.

According to El Pais, around 2,000 deaths are still awaiting a date of passing.

The number of deaths during the past seven days however is constantly updated, with 52 people having lost their lives in the last week, whereas yesterday that number was 30.

The number of new patients in Spain in the last 24 hours is 143, rising slightly compared to yesterday when it was 141.

That brings the total number of cases nationwide since the start of the pandemic to 245,251.

However, that number includes some discrepancies, as yesterday the total number of infected people was 244,683, a difference of 568, not 143.

The vast majority of these infections are in Madrid with 69, followed by Catalunya with 16 and the Canary Islands with 14.

Regarding the number of hospitalisations, there have been 80 in the last seven days, with nine people entering the ICU.

That brings the total number of hospitalisations to 124,779 since the start of the pandemic.

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