A bottle of polluted water from the Mar Menor was waved in the air yesterday to prove a point during a session of Murcia’s Regional Assembly in Cartagena.

The visual aid appeared just a day after regional president, Fernando López Miras, called on all political parties to come together to stop environmental problems in the Mar Menor area.

María Marín from the left-wing Podemos party brought out the jar, which she said was filled with ‘dirty water’ from Los Alcazares.

She said that the colour ‘summed up 25 years of Partido Popular government in Murcia with no new ideas’.

President López Miras spoke yesterday to outline his budget plans for the next 12 months, and called for unity over the Mar Menor

“The state of the Mar Menor is one of the biggest environmental problems in Europe and I want to get a cross-party agreement over an agreed policy to make things better”, López Miras said.

He added that he wanted to appoint an independent commissioner to oversee improvement plans and to make sure any deal was followed through.

The president and his three Partido Popular predecessors are facing a non-criminal European Parliament probe over what has been done to combat pollution around the Mar Menor.

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