SPAIN has only registered one coronavirus related death in the last 24 hours.

That means that the total number of fatalities due to the pandemic nationwide has risen to 28,324.

During the past week, 21 people have lost their lives due to COVID-19 in Spain, down eight from yesterday when it was 29.

The number of new infections in the last 24 hours has gone down, registering 125 new cases since yesterday.

That number represents a decrease of 29 compared to yesterday, when the new patients registered were 154.

That brings the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases nationwide since the start of the pandemic to 246,504.

Regarding the number of hospitalisations, 150 people have had to be hospitalised in the last seven days (with 10 of those in the ICU), an increase of 51 compared to yesterday.

That brings the total number of hospitalisations nationwide since the outbreak of the disease to 124,880.

Spain has steadily remained in third place for most infections in Europe, behind Russia with 592,280 and the UK with 304,331.

Similarly, it’s also in third regarding the number of deaths, behind the UK with 42,632 and Italy with 34,634.

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