SPAIN’S Health Ministry has advised against smoking cigarettes as they allegedly help transmit coronavirus.

The Ministry mentions that in addition to the health risks posed by tobacco, the fact that people’s hands would be coming into contact with the cigarettes and their mouths, along with their masks, could help transmit the virus.

The Ministry also mentions the fact that smoking also releases respiratory droplets from one’s mouth that help spread the disease.

In addition, while smoking in a social setting, people tend to loosen up and relax, not maintaining the correct social distancing procedures.

A spokesperson for the Ministry said: “Its consumption should be avoided in social environments and if it is carried out, it must be done in separate open spaces, with hand washing taking place prior and after handling products and employees’ utensils.”

At the same time the Ministry outlines that tobacco use has been shown to worsen the course of respiratory diseases and therefore poses a significant risk for patients who are positive for COVID-19.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), ‘current evidence indicates that smoking is associated with the virus’ negative progression and with adverse results.’

“There is increasing evidence that the consumption of electronic cigarettes produces side effects in the lungs, heart and blood vessels and this could increase the risk of severe complications from COVID-19.”

This comes after a Spanish study found that nicotine can help fight coronavirus at its most lethal stage.

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