NEW plans to change Line Wall Road and Chatham Counterguard into cycle-friendly green areas have been revealed today.

The move indicates that the Gibraltar Government will continue with the transformation of the town centre, despite stiff opposition.

A Line Wall Boulevard will be created that will include a cycle lane, leafy walkway and one-directional lane for limited traffic and deliveries.

Chatham Counterguard, which was recently closed to traffic, will soon connect with a newly formed Montagu Park.

Montagu Park Visual 1
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This newly pedestrianised area will have more shops, bars and cafes that will provide food and drink in a new courtyard on the outskirts of the town centre.

There will also be a cycle lane running through Chatham Counterguard and Fishmarket to link it with Reclamation Road.


“This is a really exciting couple of projects that will very positively impact people’s lives,” said Chief Minister Fabian Picardo.

“The effects this will have on our environment are a key part of what we have a mandate to deliver.”

Minister for Transport Vijay Daryanani admitted these were ‘difficult’ decisions and ‘sometimes unpopular ones’.

Montagu Park Visual 2
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But he said they were necessary ‘to deliver a greener Gibraltar we know we can have’ and that people would benefit in the end.

“The delivery of a Line Wall Boulevard, with its promenades, greenery and cycle lanes, is a huge benefit we stand to net for the small price of restricting access to Line Wall Road.

“Keeping a single vehicular lane to which access will remain restricted, allows us to provide a cleaner, pleasant, healthier environment in which to get about.

“This, in addition to new electric buses we are offering, will make moving around Gibraltar not just healthier, but easier!”

New bus trials will soon start that will run much more frequently to make it unnecessary to use cars or motorbikes.

These plans all form part of the GSLP/Liberal government to make Gibraltar a child-friendly and sustainable city.

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