THE Minister of Transport and Mobility, Jose Luis Abalos announced today that ITVs that expired between June and August will have a further three months before renewal.

In a press conference before the Council of Ministers, Abalos confirmed that anyone whose ITVs expired between June 21 and August 31 will gain the extra three month grace period.

EXTENSION: An extra three months given

This extension added to the previous announcement released in May of the extended grace period of vehicles with ITVs that expired during the state of alarm.

Previously, only ITVs that expired up until May 24 were granted the leeway.

However the extension comes due to the continued uncertainty of the spread of COVID-19 and the current backlog of vehicles awaiting tests.

As the new expiry dates were revealed back in May, many were left confused as to the extensions.

ITV’s that were due in March were only given a four month extension however those that expired in May were given until December to pass their tests.

Inconsistencies when retaking their tests have also angered many motorists.

“My test was due on March 23 in Loja (Cordoba), so I was given until July to re-book.”

“I got my new test eventually on July 2 which the vehicle passed, but my next one goes on the original expiry date in March, so I only have less than three months on my sticker!” said an angry Kim Gillespie, 34.

However other motorists have told the Olive Press that their new expiry is based on the day they retook their test.

“Luckily for us, they put the renewal from the pass date,” explained Peter Wilkings, who took his vehicle to neighbouring Priego de Cordoba for its annual check.

One Facebook user explained a possible issue that would arise with the May extensions.

“My car was due for its (six monthly) ITV toward the end of May. I haven’t yet registered online to get my appointment because I am allowed through to November to get the ITV done.” said Jim Busby told the Olive Press.

“However if I wait until November to re-book and it goes on the original expiry date, I have to immediately arrange and pay for another test, to occur in the same month.”

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