FROM midnight tonight, everyone aged six and above must wear masks outdoors at all times in Andalucia.

The new regional ruling, approved today, confirms the use of the protective gear is mandatory in all outdoor and indoor spaces, including beaches and swimming pools.

The fine for not complying with the new measure is set at €100.

You may remove the masks when eating or swimming in the pool or sea.

Meanwhile, wakes have been reduced to a limited number of 25 people, dropping to 10 for indoor services.

“We ask for the use of masks on beaches and at swimming pools, with only family units and children under six being exempt,” said regional health minister Jesus Aguirre.

“So on walks along the beach you will have to wear the mask.”

Upon being asked for clarification, Aguirre added that if you are under an umbrella by the pool or at the beach and are in a family unit, you do not have to wear the mask.

But once you leave your family unit to walk or go to the bar, for example, you will have to don the mask.

One journalist asked what one should do if they are sharing an umbrella or parasol with people they do not live with.

Aguirre said: “When we talk about masks, we are referring mostly to walks on the beach or meeting friends who you do not usually see.

“Everyone should know and be responsible for who they consider to be family.”

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