SAN FULGENCIO City Council has launched a new and improved service to deal with the area’s lost and found animals, with full management of adoptions and a zero-slaughter policy.

Ana María Villena, Councillor for Animal Welfare, explained: “we have wanted to fulfil the promise made to the citizens to change this service and guarantee that no type of sacrifice will be carried out except in very extreme cases, due to incurable illness or great suffering of the animal.”

The new service focuses on the collection and handling of stray animals; microchip readers; veterinary services; rabies vaccines, passports and castration of all collected animals.

Anguimar, the Torre Pacheco company contracted with the task for the next year, will also keep accurate records of animals found and publish pictures on their website and social media.

Villena mentioned that anyone finding a stray animal in the municipality should first contact Policia Local or the Department of Animal Welfare, who will advise Anguimar.

The councillor enthused about the citizens of San Fulgencio: “a town very animalistic and committed to animal welfare.”

Images of the lost pets can be found at

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