POLICIA Local in Malaga city have fined more than 170 people per day for failing to wear a mask.

Since the health measure came into effect on July 15, some 1,376 people have been sanctioned in the provincial capital alone.

With the multa setting offenders back €100 a pop, it means at least €137,600 in fines has been dished out.

In the past 24 hours, a total of 184 people received fines for failing to don the personal protective gear.

Everyone aged six or above in Andalucia must wear masks at all times when outdoors, regardless of whether or not social distancing can be adhered to.

This includes at the beach and swimming pool, however only while on the move.

It means when you are seated with your family in your designated area, you do not have to wear the mask.

You also do not have to wear it while walking to and from the water, either at the beach or the swimming pool.

But you must wear it while at restaurants and bars, however you can remove the mask while eating and drinking i.e. while you are seated.

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