SPANISH weather agency AEMET has activated the orange weather alert for high temperatures in Cordoba, Jaen and Sevilla.

The weather alert has been activated for today, Friday, as temperatures are expected to soar past 40C.

Rural Sevilla, Cordoba and the Guadalquivir Valley in Jaen are the areas most at risk with maximum temperatures expected to reach 41C between 12.00 and 20.00 hours.

Other areas of Sevilla, Cordoba and Jaen will be in yellow warning for heat, as will the entire province of Huelva, Malaga (area of Antequera) and Granada (Cuenca del Genil).

How to combat the heat.

Emergencies 112 Andalucia recommends the following:

  • Sports activities should be carried out early or late in the day. Use lightweight and light-coloured clothing as well as head protection, sunglasses and sun protection.
  • Ventilate the house during the cooler hours of the day, for the rest of the day keep the blinds down and windows closed. Use electrical appliances (fans or air conditioners) if and when possible. Alternatively, use the coolest rooms of the house.
  • The diet on these scorching days is best made up of light, fresh and cold meals, such as salads, cold cooked vegetables, fruits and vegetables.
  • Maintain good hydration, especially the population most vulnerable to heat, such as the chronically ill, the elderly and children.
  • Under no circumstances should anyone be left inside a vehicle, including pets.
  • In an emergency situation, call 112, a free, multilingual service available 24 hours a day.
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