A BRITISH expat has launched a new business on the Costa del Sol, amid the coronavirus crisis.

Co-founders, John Lodge, 30 and Jakub Sztyber, 25, created BeachyFeet in 2019, but this week was the brand’s official launch.

The pair who both live in Estepona wanted to ‘capture the essence of summer in Spain in a brand,’ Lodge told the Olive Press.

Beachyfeet Photo

“Our overall goal is to be a beach lifestyle brand,” said the Brit, originally from Milton Keynes.

The first item that’s been launched is their signature flip flop, which wants to do for Spain, what Havaianas have done for Brazil.

The 30-year-old said: “We know Havaianas dominate the market, but our flip flops are comfier and the toe strap is softer, so once people try them, they’ll want to stick with us.

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“We’ve also added embellishments and contrasting colours, giving our flip flops a little more vibrancy than the classic Havaianas.”

They’re also planning to create local jobs in the area, as the partners are looking to move the manufacturing from China to Marbella.

Lodge said: “Our plan is to help the local economy by creating jobs for the local population, both expats and Spaniards alike.”

Beachyfeet Photo 2

Despite the pandemic forcing many businesses to shut due to the economic crisis, the pair has stuck to its plans and launched on time.

“There are actually quite a few positives due to COVID-19,” said Lodge.

“We’ve had more time to focus on our website and our designs, without other things getting in the way.

“At the same time our costs have been less because businesses have had to drop their prices,” he explained.

The two expats know however that economically it’s a tough time across the board, which is why they don’t have high expectations for this year.

“2020 is a write off economically for us, but we want to be in good stead for 2021 and we believe we can achieve that.

“I’m quietly optimistic even though we’re swimming through some quite choppy waters,” Lodge added.All their products are available to order worldwide from www.beachyfeet.es.

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