A former teacher who was convicted of sexually assaulting pupils at a Northern Ireland school has been arrested by the Policia Nacional in the Murcia region of Spain.

He now faces extradition after being detained on a European Arrest Warrant earlier this month.

The man had been based in the Cartagena area and taught English and music at a school in 2004, but had since moved onto private tutoring.

In the nineties, the ex-primary school teacher served 18 months in jail for committing 12 sexual offences against children in Northern Ireland, which included the abuse of a boy aged under seven years..

He was also barred for life from holding any teaching posts in the UK and Northern Ireland.

British authorities lost track of the man and in 2018 sent a request to the Policia Nacional and other European police forces to see if he could be located.

They were especially concerned that the man might have got involved in teaching children again.

He was detained at his Cartagena home on July 14 on a European Arrest Warrant, with an investigation launched to see if he has committed any offences in Spain.

No further details about his identity have been revealed and he is currently in the custody of the National Court pending extradition proceedings.


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