A ‘MUMMIFIED’ body has been discovered by a group of hikers in the hills of the Costa del Sol. 

The corpse, in the most advanced state of decomposition, was found in Los Montes de Malaga, a popular hiking area, on Sunday.

According to local reports, Policia Nacional are now investigating whether it could belong to a man who disappeared two months ago. 

The missing man was last seen in May while the search party at the time had focused on the same area as it was where his phone pinged its last signal. 

Hikers found the body in an area which is difficult to access, between Agujero and the Venta del Tunel areas. 

They immediately called police and the homicide and forensic teams rushed to the scene. 

The homicide squad of the Policia Nacional is always in charge of missing persons cases, whether there are signs of a crime or not. 

DNA tests and an autopsy are being performed in Malaga to confirm whether or not the body belongs to the missing man. 

While he had only been missing two months, the high temperatures and humidity would have allowed for the corpse to have become mummified within that time period. 

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