THE ex mayoral candidate for Ciudadanos Malaga, Juan Cassa, watched last night as his prized motorhome burned to the ground outside his home after a three-month long hate campaign.

Cassa took to Twitter to post a video of the inferno after arsonists set fire to the converted Ford Transit in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The fire occurred in the Parque Clavero area of Malaga in front of the former councillor’s home and his wife and children.

“This morning they burned my motorhome which was parked next to my house, with which I was going with my wife and my five children on vacation,” said Cassa on his social media page.

“I have been receiving threats for three months, but today they have crossed the line. We can not allow these gangsters to get away with this,” he said.

Cassa has been under fire after a controversial split with Malaga’s Ciudadanos platform after running for the past two regional elections.

He announced his departure from the Cs in May, causing a tidal wave of opposition from the centre-right party’s supporters.

Many were upset that he chose to leave the party when the popular mayor Francisco de la Torre (PP) was on extended leave after suffering a brain injury.

His departure also left the Cs without a majority in the house and on the brink of loosing seats in the municipal government.

The straw that broke the camel’s back came when Cassa was selected to become part of the PPs government team, without a proper election process.

He has also voiced his unwavering support for de la Torre since leaving the Cs.

This angered many Cs supporters and caused months of threats and abuse against Cassa and his family, culminating in the arson attack last night.

Policia Nacional are investigating.

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