THE brother of Murcia’s Health Minister, Manuel Villegas, was found stabbed to death in the porch of his home this morning(August 4).

68-year-old Jose Antonio Villegas lived in Murcia City with his wife and son, who was arrested hours later after allegedly confessing to the killing.

Regional Health Minister, Manuel Villegas, has had a big profile in Murcia since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as he hosted almost-daily news briefings over the battle against COVID-19.

His brother, Jose Antonio, worked in the field of sports medicine at the local university.

His wife found his body shortly before 8.00am on the porch of their home on Calle Infanta Cristina.

Reports suggested that there were multiple stab wounds and paramedics certified that Mr. Villegas was dead when they arrived at the scene.

The Policia Nacional received a call from the Guardia Civil barracks in Hellin in Albacete Province later in the morning to say that a man in his thirties had walked in to confess about his involvement in an incident in Murcia.

He was then brought some 80 kilometres back to Murcia by Policia Nacional agents for questioning.

It’s unclear what the motive for the attack was, but some media outlets claim that the son was suffering with mental issues.

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