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Far right activist Tommy Robinson teases move to Gibraltar

Tommy Robinson Gib
Tommy Robinson on the Rock

FAR right extremist Tommy Robinson says he will be ‘moving to Gibraltar’ after weighing up a permanent move to Spain following an alleged arson attack. 

The EDL co-founder, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, 

shared the announcement social media platform while climbing to the top of the Rock in flip flops on Monday night. 

In the video, the 37-year-old said: “My fat little legs got me to the top of this in sliders. Moving to Gibraltar, stick that in your f*cking s*it paper.”

The anti-immigration figurehead previously announced that he was ‘fleeing’ the UK after arsonists allegedly attacked property owned by his wife and left his family feeling ‘unsafe’. 

Tommy Robinson Gib

Extremist Robinson, who has been banned from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook following racist rants, has been hinting for weeks about making a permanent move through videos posted to Russia’s VK platform. 

In a recent livestream,  filmed at posh Marbella rackets club Manolo Santana Racquets Club, Robinson revealed he had secured places at local schools for his three children but was still ‘in the process’ of finding a permanent place for them to live.

The Brexit supporter, who has vocally opposed immigration into the UK, went on to say that he is looking at permanently relocating his family, “which is pretty hard to do, especially with COVID”.

In another video he contradicted himself, pledging to return to the UK.

Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, said: “Let me just clarify something for the record. I am not moving abroad or anywhere permanently. 

“I’ve just had family issues and location issues to deal with. My family not me, that will free me up for the work that I do.” 

He added: “For all your snowflakes I will be back in the UK very soon, on the streets of England, doing what I do.” 

The 37-year-old admitted many had been “triggered” when he was said to be considering leaving the UK, given his previous anti-immigrant diatribes.

The rabble-rouser, who does not understand Spanish,  previously stated that if a person “does not speak our language, he should not be in the United Kingdom.” 

Now his hints at moving permanently to Gibraltar have been met with backlash from appalled local. 

Taking to Twitter one user said: There is no place for the far right or the far left in Gib. So please #TommyRobinson , do us all a favour and go away. #Gibraltar” 

Another agreed: “Nobody in Gibraltar is going to welcome you with open arms. We’re the dirty foreign people you hate. F*ck off, Tommy Robinson. Or maybe it’s better if I tell you in Spanish, seeing as you hate multiculturalism so much. Vete a toma por culo.” 

A third wrote: We embraced refugees during the Civil War. We rejected Franco. Many of us marched in a show of anti-racism on July 4. Our history is nothing without anti-fascism. Tommy Robinson is the worst of the English far-right and we don’t want imperialist crap in Gibraltar again.” 

Kirsty Mckenzie

Kirsty is a journalist who has reported on news, entertainment, food and drink, travel and features since 2015. She lives in the south of Spain.
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