BARBATE has approved an urgent set of lockdown measures in the face of a rise in COVID-19 cases.

The town in Cadiz, famed for its ancient fishing techniques and world-class tuna, has advised residents to leave the house ‘only when strictly necessary.’

It has also closed parks and children’s playgrounds while asking the Ministry of Education in Madrid to delay the opening of schools until September 28.

Meanwhile, markets, cultural events and workshops in municipal buildings have all been suspended ‘until the number of infections stabilise.’

People have been advised to stay within their family bubbles and to avoid meetings of more than 10 people in both open and closed spaces.

The town hall has also suggested people in at-risk groups, such as those aged 60 or above, go outside between 9am and 11am and 7pm and 9pm, and that they avoid contact with minors.

Only travelling to work, doing food shopping or travelling to school should justify leaving the house, the local government said, admitting, however, that it does not have the power to confine the people.

Barbate mayor Miguel Molina said confining as much as possible now could see the town have ‘as calm a winter as possible.’

As most tourists have left the area, an ‘important moment has arrived’, added Molina, to control infection among the population.

Last week Barbate saw 23 new COVID-19 cases by PCR.

Its new measures will be in place until September 28 with the possibility of being extended.

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