A MAN who illegally parked his car at an Alicante bus stop lost his temper and attacked a bus driver with a knife.

The 21-year-old offender had been told off by the driver for taking his space which prevented passengers from safely getting on or disembarking.

The row began yesterday afternoon(September 8) when the the bus driver honked his horn to attract the attention of the motorist but the response was somewhat unexpected.

The young Spaniard then got out of his car and verbally abused the driver.

He went back to his vehicle and returned with a large knife which he brandished in a physical assault on the bus company employee.

Another bus driver helped to restrain the assailant, who caused a minor injury to the left hand of the driver that he was angry with.

The irate motorist was arrested by Policia Nacional and Alicante Policia Local agents.

They also detained a family member that was him who was wanted for ignoring a court summons.

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