FORTY FIVE years after his death, the food truck belonging to General Francisco Franco, Spain’s dictator for 36 years, has been sold for a song. 

The 15ft truck, rumoured to be gifted to Franco by Henry Ford back in 1937, was used by the dictator and his closest men as a dining cart during the Civil War. 

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The Ford 817 T which was valued at 30,000 euros, was bought by a Spanish collector for just 3,200 euros. 

Asturias businessman Jorge Sandoval bagged the bargain at an auction after Madrid company Desguaces La Torre went bankrupt and was forced to get rid of its museum of historic cars. 

Buyer Sandoval, who also collects weapons, armoured vehicles and light aircraft from the Civil War, has said he hopes the truck can be used in future historic films and exhibitions. 

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