Decathlon has recalled all Revoe Revolt electric scooters sold since June last year.

During quality and safety checks the team at Revoe discovered a failure in one of the front tubes of the scooter, which could break while riding.

And Revoe’s ticking time bombs are not the first electric scooters to pose a threat to the Spanish streets.

In 2018, a 90-year-old woman was killed in Barcelona after she was struck down by a man looking at google maps while scooting at 30 mph.

Electric scooters were banned from pedestrian streets in Malaga in September 2019.

“Somehow we have to protect the pedestrians,” said councillor Jose del Rio, “now you are walking and you have to look back just in case one comes, and that just cannot be in places where people walk.”

If riders own one of the defective scooters they can return it to Decathlon for repair, which will take between one and two weeks.

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