THE search for a large feline has been extended in Granada some 11 days after it was first sighted in the sleepy village of Ventas de Huelma.

Extra drones with thermal cameras have been roped into the tracking operation, which now includes several more areas surrounding the pueblo of 600 inhabitants.

The flying devices have been gifted by a farmer from Cordoba, who hopes they will finally bring the mystery to a close, reported Andalucia Informacion.

A number of traps have been laid in a bit to catch the animal, which Guardia Civil have yet to identify.

Several eye witnesses first reported seeing a ‘black panther’ prowling near the town hall and municipal castle of Ventas de Huelma on September 11.

More sightings and blurry photos seemed to add weight to the theory that a dangerous big cat could be on the loose.

But then a Cordoba photographer captured what appeared to be an extra large and well fed black cat near the Guardia Civil search area late last week.

But Seprona, the armed institute’s wildlife arm, has refused to give up the search until the breed of the cat can be confirmed.

According to Ventas de Huelma town hall, some paw prints were inspected on a farm in Acula, but they ended up belonging to a dog.

The local government has asked residents to remain on alert while the search continues.

Guardia Civil have warned residents to refrain from going out into the countryside unless 100% necessary.

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